Fleeces on, Fleeces off

This has been the theme of the farm over the past week or so, thanks to night-time frosts AND day time highs. Tucking them in every night and taking the blankets off each morning. You’d think we resent crops that require as much mollycoddling as our two year old. And you’d be a bit right. HOWEVER we are thanking many gods that those days are finally done and fingers crossed the May frost risk is over.

And by gods we’ll be grateful for our patient mollycoddling when the first tomato and cucumber plants come into fruit. Tomatoes, cucumbers, French beans, courgettes and squash are all frost tender plants. And even early potatoes outdoors can suffer a bad set back from frosty nights. Good news: we still have 500 healthy looking tomato plants

Now all we need is a nice tropical downpour for plant and farmer bliss.