About our team

We are blessed with the most amazing team in the world. We LOVE every minute, WORK incredibly hard, INNOVATE constantly over tea breaks. Introducing our hardworking team of idealists….

Joe was the one with the dream to make the farm happen. He builds farm infrastructure and oversees the field scale crops.

"Healthy soils. Healthy people. Healthy planet" - Joe

Aoife is the invisible one. Who makes sure the important things happen on the farm with her list expertise and who is the point of contact for customers.

"It makes me unbelievably happy to see the kids dig up carrots and eat them, mud and all. That's real nutrition" - Aoife



Erica aka ”Field Boss” She oversees the veggie box scheme, works both markets, and loves getting muddy harvesting in the rain.

"Where there's muck, there's luck" - Erica

Wayne is our living encyclopedia of horticulture. He delivers, harvests salads, keeps all the crops healthy and fed and can’t resist telling any silly pun he can think of.



Craig is our friendly salesman. He does Westport Farmer’s Market. Likes the craic, and is always up for a chat (unless Scotland lost in rugby).